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Westlaw International Academic User Agreement

Access to Westlaw International is available to currently enrolled students of law schools subscribing to Westlaw International under a Law School Schedule A between the Law School and Supplier.

Such use of Westlaw International is subject to the following user agreement ("User Agreement"). After reading the User Agreement thoroughly, please click on "I Accept" to accept the terms and conditions and to be bound thereby. If you disagree with the terms and conditions of this User Agreement, click on "I Don't Accept" and you will be returned to the opening page of this website.

1. Governing Terms
1.1 The Law School has entered into an agreement ("the Law School Subscriber Agreement") with Supplier under which Supplier has agreed to provide access to the Law School's Students.
1.2 User's access to and use of Westlaw International are governed by this User Agreement and by the terms and conditions of the Westlaw International Subscriber Agreement ("the Subscriber Agreement") which are hereby incorporated into this User Agreement. User's attention is drawn to the provisions limiting storage and transfer of data contained in the Subscriber Agreement.
1.3 Any use of Westlaw International by means of the User Password also signifies User's acceptance of the terms and conditions and User's agreement to be bound thereby.

2. Definitions
2.1 All terms used in this Agreement, unless specifically defined herein, will have the meanings attributed to them in the Subscriber Agreement. The following terms shall have the following meaning:

"Authorised Use" means use by a User who is a Student via the password provided to Student under this Agreement ("the Student Password") for educational purposes directly related to the Student's course work at Law School, and specifically excluding use in connection with the Student's employment, or any internship, externship or work experience, or use on behalf of any another person or organisation whatsoever;
"Student" means a person currently enrolled as a student at the law school identified below ("the Law School").
"User" means a Student as defined in this Agreement
"User Password" means a Student Password.
2.2 In the event of inconsistencies between this Agreement and the Subscriber Agreement, the terms of this Agreement will prevail.

3. Access to Westlaw International
3.1 Supplier hereby grants User a limited non-exclusive transferable licence to access and use Westlaw International under the terms of this Agreement via equipment and network operated by the Law School.
3.2 Access to certain Features and databases may be restricted by Supplier.
3.3 User will be responsible for all access to Westlaw International by means of the User Password whether or not User has knowledge of such access and use. Supplier reserves the right to issue a new User Password to User from time to time and to cancel any User Password without notice. 3.4 User understands and acknowledges that the User Password is for his or her use only and that User is prohibited from permitting any third party from accessing Westlaw International by means of the User Password.
3.5 Use of the User Password is limited to use within Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

4. Charges
4.1 Service Charges incurred through Authorised Use are waived during the term of this Agreement.
4.2 Supplier reserves the right to collect from User all Service Charges at the then current rates incurred through use other than Authorised Use or through use after User has ceased to be entitled to use of Westlaw International via a User Password.

5. Reservation of Rights/Termination
5.1 Supplier reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Subscriber Agreement from time to time, specifically including but not limited to the right to impose usage limitations on Westlaw International access and/or offline transmission.

5.2 Supplier reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and revoke any User Password without notice.
5.3 This User Agreement shall automatically terminate in any of the following events:
5.3.1 User ceases to be a Student and User hereby undertakes to notify Supplier of any such change in status;
5.3.2 the Law School Subscriber Agreement terminates; and
5.3.3 there is a breach of its terms and conditions or the Terms and Conditions of the Subscriber Agreement by User.

5.4 User may terminate the Agreement at any time by written notice to Supplier.
5.5 Furthermore, the Law School may terminate the User Agreement in respect of a particular User or Users at any time by notice to Supplier.

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